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Phoenix Eye Bodhi Rosary 8~9mm 108 beads
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Phoenix Eye Bodhi Rosary 8~9mm 108 beads

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Product Introduction

Material: Phoenix Eye Bodhi

Size: 8~9 mm 108 beads


Phoenix-eye Bodhi is a kind of Bodhi seed. Because the buds are like eyes, it is called "Phoenix-eye Bodhi". Original seed Tibetan style - Phoenix-eye Bodhi seed rosary. Each bead has an eye on it. If you open it, there will be fruit pulp inside. His Holiness Rinpoche once said that using the Phoenix-eye Bodhi seed rosary can increase the merits of chanting by tens of millions. times.
Phoenix Eye Bodhi Buddha Beads are one of the highly respected types of Buddhist beads in Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism, Bodhi Buddha Beads refer to Phoenix Eye Bodhi Buddha Beads.
The Living Buddha Nona, the Tibetan Tantric Patriarch who has had the greatest influence on the Han people in modern times, once said: "It is best to have a string of Phoenix Eye Bodhi Seed beads, which can be used in all dharma practices and have the greatest merit." Kydrup Rinpoche of the Gelug Sect also said: "The Buddha became enlightened under the Bodhi tree. The hardness of the Bodhi beads themselves has an auspicious meaning, so the Bodhi beads are suitable for any practice." The article "Esoteric Esoteric Essay" written by layman Jin Anyi also said: "Phoenix-eye Bodhi beads can be used to practice all dharma."
Origin: Nepal
There are many phoenix-eye bodhi beads, so they are generally larger when worn on the wrist. However, they are still a good choice when used as rosary beads. They can also be disassembled and reassembled to a suitable size.
It can be used as a rosary by tying it with a flat knot.