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Kirin Bodhi Buddha beads 8~9mm 108 beads
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Kirin Bodhi Buddha beads 8~9mm 108 beads

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Product Introduction

Material: Kirin Bodhi

Size: 8~9mm


Kirin-eyed Bodhi is a type of Bodhi with a special shape. Each bodhi has a square eye. The entire Bodhi seed is oblate and round like a bulging persimmon. With the square eyes in the middle, it looks like copper coins. Qilin is a mythical beast with a dragon head and a deer body. It has lin armor on its body and a useful head, symbolizing auspiciousness. Kirin Eye Bodhi has a hard texture and is earthy yellow or golden in color. It is more precious than Longan Bodhi and so on. It is a rare good thing. It is a top-grade Bodhi seed that increases blessings and wisdom, helps understanding, protects the body, and practices.


Bodhi is the transliteration of Sanskrit bodhi, which means enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge, and path. Broadly speaking, it is the wisdom that cuts off the troubles in the world and achieves nirvana. Because the Buddha Sakyamuni attained enlightenment at the Bodhi tree, Bodhi means enlightenment and attainment of Buddhahood. According to Buddhist scriptures, using Bodhi Seeds to recite the Buddha's name can obtain immeasurable merits. Therefore, Bodhi Seeds have become one of the most widely used instruments, regardless of whether it is Sutra or Tantric. The bodhi tree is the tree of Bibala. When the Buddha was alive in the past, he was hundreds of feet tall. However, after being cut down many times, he was especially four or five feet tall. The Buddha sat under it and achieved perfect enlightenment, so it was called the Bodhi tree. There are more than thirty varieties of Buddha beads named after Bodhi. Among them, some are named according to the place of origin, such as Tiantai Bodhi, Dolphin Bodhi, etc.; some are named according to texture, such as Xingyue Bodhi, Phoenix Eye Bodhi, etc. Carrying a string of Bodhi beads will bring immeasurable blessings to people. Because Bodhi beads have such profound meaning, many Buddhist beads are usually named Bodhi beads.